Meet Our Leaders!


Jake: Jake (left) has been a Young Life/Wyldlife leader for 8 years.  He loves to talk, sing, dance (poorly), read, and meet new people.  He is passionate about ice cream and drinks his coffee black.  He shares his life with his wife, Mandy, and his kids, Eloise and Joel.  He is looking forward to experiencing the best nights, weekends, and weeks of students lives with them!


Jean: Jean has been a Young Life leader for 2 years.  She loves music, Netflix, and sarcasm a little too much.  She enjoys mint chocolate chip ice cream and Chick-Fil-A.  She is an education major and does school online while dealing with everything else called life.  Jean is super pumped to meet new kids and experience lots of fun things with them!


John: John (pictured bottom right) has been a Wyldlife volunteer leader for 2 years. He loves to read, laugh, make friends, and play music.  He also loves to act around and make people laugh as much as he can.  He doesn't mind making a fool of himself for others enjoyment.  He hopes to make a difference in kids lives and have them call another place home.  


Abby: Abby has been a Wyldlife leader for 2 years. She loves Chick-Fil-A (Who doesn't?), 70s music, and meeting new people.  She has watched every season of The Office about 10 times and she ONLY drinks her coffee with 95% cream.  She lives at home with her parents while she is going to Nursing School.  She is super stoked for club and spending time with students, dancing, singing, and playing sardines.  

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